Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Arrival From France

Introducing Louis Chenu Père & Filles
Burgundy wines in Savigny-les-Beaune, France


Check out the latest addition to the SelectioNaturel family below as well as over on the Producers page.

2011 Bourgogne rouge

This wine is made with grapes from an old vine with low yields. With an attractive intensity and several aromas of red fruits and violet, it can be drunk young due to its finesse but also remains very firm with age. After a few years, it develops a soil taste that is reminiscent of the smell of gunflint or smoke. It can easily be kept for about fifteen years.

2010 “Hauts-Jarrons”, Savigny-les-Beaune 1er cru

The “Hauts-Jarrons” (Jarrons meaning tree branches) are located in the middle of the slope under the Mont Battois hill heading towards Beaune. Their deep and sandy soil is similar to that of the Beaune-Bressandes. Likewise, the wines are more like those from Beaune than Savigny. Very full-bodied and tannic, they have good aromas but remain closed when young. They require a few years before reaching fullness and are favorable to a long ageing process like all great Burgundy wines.

2012 “Les Saucours”, Savigny-les-Beaune blanc

The Savigny whites come from so-called “white” soil, which is made of marl. Only 5% of the Savigny vineyard is made up of white grape varieties (mostly chardonnay). The most favorable ground is situated at the entrance to the village on a slightly sloping hillside facing north (Les Saucours). The Savigny white wines are well-structured, dry, quite rounded and are an attractive golden-green color. The main chardonnay variety gives the roundness, the aromas and the finesse. The pinot blanc (around 10%) provides the touch from the vine.

 The Chenu Sisters

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